Tuesday, June 28, 2005

No Foot, No Horse II

Yes, I know it's been a long time since my last entry regarding this subject, but, true to form, I only got around to visiting a podiatrist yesterday. I decided last week that enough was enough when, after wearing on old pair of (formerly) reliable flats to work, my feet hurt so bad that I could barely walk for two days. I threw the shoes out with the garbage and made the appointment.

The first thing the nurse told me to do when I went into the examination room was to take off my shoes and socks, which I did, and she left.

Looking at my pink, sweaty doggies, I couldn't help but think that podiatry is a pretty nasty business. This is coming from someone who is NOT a foot person, mind you. I do not DO feet. I cringe when my husband asks me to massage his feet and demand that he wash them first. But there I was, waiting for someone who touches strange feet every day for a living. Ew.

Looking at my feet, I wondered how they would compare with those of other patients. Of course, people with healthy feet rarely visit a podiatrist, right? I figured this guy probably sees a lot of really gross stuff. Gigantic bunions. Infected, oozing ingrown toenails. Flaky, fungal toenails. Hammertoes. Maybe that's all he sees is gross stuff. Remembering that, I felt confident that my feet probably weren't all that bad.

But I wasn't there to play footsies, of course. This was serious stuff.

After a short wait, a cute, prematurely gray man wearing little round glasses stepped into the office and introduced himself as Dr. D. We talked about the problems I've been having, and then he briefly examined them. He cupped my left heel in the palm of one hand, and he gently grasped my foot around my toes and slowly pivoted my foot at the ankle. "Whoa," he said, "That joint is really unstable. Is this sore here?" He applied his thumb at the top of my foot, where my ankle pivots, and pressed down.

Thank you, Dr. D. You found a place I didn't realize was hurting.

He asked if I use a lot of ibuprofen for pain. I laughed. I subsist on ibuprofen. So he gave me some prescription NSAID's and we talked about orthotics to stablize my feet.

I will get the orthotics on Thursday. We'll see how it goes.


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