Thursday, April 21, 2005

Batter Up!

Last night was our first t-ball game, and I was surprised by how much fun it was. In t-ball, the game is played a little differently than regular baseball, because everybody is just trying to learn. So when the team is on the field, everybody is out there. And when the team is batting, they go through the whole lineup so everybody has a chance at bat.

DD2 played between 1st and 2nd base. This was a pretty important position, because a lot of the balls go that direction. Most kids will let the ball roll between their legs, but DD2 was able to stop most of them that came her way and throw them to the first baseman. If he caught the ball, which sometimes he did and sometimes he didn't, they got the kid out.

It was pretty cool, watching DD2. And she was second in the batting lineup. She's actually better at hitting balls that are pitched to her, rather than hitting the ball off a tee, but everybody used the tee last night. I think she'll be cleaning the bases before too long. (She's number 13, by the way.....bad news for every team in the league.....)

DS played behind the 2nd baseman last night, where I'm sure he picked a bald spot in the grass. Hehehe.... But he didn't get that option in the next inning.

It was the last half of the last inning, and we were waiting for one player to get on the field. I was standing behind the fence with my camera when I saw that player walk by, engulfed in shin guards, padded vest, and caged helmet. I recognized that walk, but, still doubting, I did a double-take of the player's number. 11. My DS.

He didn't really do much catching....just wearing the equipment is enough for a 4-year-old to focus on at one time. At one point he lost his balance and fell over. The coach behind him had to call a time-out and pick him back up. (I really gotta get a digital video camera.)

So that's the news from down south!


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